Forms & Permits

Zoning:  Town of Anson is zoned through Chippewa County.  All permit requests go through their office at the Chippewa County Courthouse, 711 North Bridge Street, Room 009, Chippewa Falls, (715) 726-7940

Website link:

Burn Permits:  Burn Permits are required when there is not adequate snow cover. A link to the burn permit is below. For residents who live North of Highway S (Highway S East of Jim Falls and on the North side of the road), this is in the DNR fire protection area, you will need to obtain your permit through the DNR website at

Burning Permit

Fireworks Permits Are Required: Please contact Chairman Gary Lazarz - (715) 382-4397

The Town of Anson follows the Wisconsin Fireworks Law established by the Wisconsin Department of Justice

Fireworks Law

Fireworks Permit

Dog Licenses:  Please contact Treasurer Sue Reiter - (715) 382-4745.


Class “A” Beer $75.00

"Class A" Liquor $200.00

Class "B” Beer $100.00

“Class B” Liquor $200.00

Temporary Class “B”/”Class B” $10.00

Cigarette & Tobacco Products Retail License $25.00

Operator License $10.00

Publication Fee $25.00

Change Agent $10.00

For your reference, the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue "Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers" publication can be found at the following link:
Questions?  Please call Jen Jensen (715) 579-1648